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modi_sa will become famous soon enoughmodi_sa will become famous soon enough
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When both clips have been releasd, lift the seatback up to clear the top 2 clips. It is now off.

With the seatback off, this is what the inside of the seat looks like.

Inside the seatback.

Comparing old with used replacement for color match. Near perfect (for $40.00, I'm a happy camper)!

My broken bit...

Which made my original look like this...

When putting the new (used in my case), watch the bottom spring clips to make sure they line up. Otherwise you will never get it on correctly. What I did was use some zip ties (you might be able to use string) and hooked the clips and pulled them through the plastic retainer

Once through, I just pulled on the zip ties until I knew they were aligned

and then placed my foot against the seatback (where the clip is) and pressed in until it was secured.

All done!

E38 archive worthy?
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