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Servicing The BMW e38 Automatic Transmission

It is critical that your E38 transmission be serviced every 60,000 - 65,000
miles. We have heard far too many painful cries of E38 owner after owner
who have had transmission failure by 70,000 - 80,000 miles. Dealers charge
over $5,100 plus tax for replacements.

There are two automatic transmissions used in the E38 series. The 1998
750iL uses only the ZF EH560Z (5HP30) which has a pan that has a
side-mounted pan drain plug, 23 attachment bolts and uses oil filter p/n
24-34-1-422-419 and o-ring p/n 24-34-1-422-152 (it also has a filler plug at
the center of the pan bottom). The 740iL used two transmissions, the just
mentioned EH560Z and another lighter-duty model (as of 01/97 production),
the ZF EH440Z (5HP24), which has a bottom-mounted drain plug and 22
attachment bolts. The EH440Z uses filter p/n 24-34-1-422-673 and the same
o-ring. The drain plug is usually a 5mm Allen head. The filters are
usually held in place with Torx T-27 bolts. I don't usually change the pan
gaskets on ZF automatics, just clean and reuse.

Change the filter. Drain the transmission oil cooler.

Most E38 owners who subscribe to this Digest have now serviced their
transmissions. Many have done the job themselves because their Dealers have
said "no, we don't do them, they are sealed for life". The job is made
difficult because there is no dipstick on most models. You must use the
special factory-specified synthetic fluid on the larger 5HP30 automatic,
semi-synthetic Shell LA 2634 (p/n 83-22-9-407-765) on 08/92 thru 04/94
production and synthetic Esso ATF LT 71141 (p/n 83-22-9-407-807) from 07/94
production thru 02/02 production end and just from Esso (ATF LT 71141) on
the smaller 5HP24 automatic. You have to pump in the fluid into the bottom
filler plug, the same amount that was drained out.

The 5HP30 holds 5.5 liters alone and 13.1 liters including the torque
converter. The 5HP24 holds 5.35 liters alone and 9.0 liters including the
torque converter. As you can see, the torque converter holds a lot of fluid
that you can't drain out, so like the E32's automatics, you need to change
the fluid several times to get most of the old fluid out. I would recommend
that you first change the fluid at the 60,000 - 65,000 mile point, then
change the fluid annually the next two years, then around 120,000 miles
again with a new filter, and so forth.

Checking the fluid level on the 5HP30 is more difficult than checking the
typical automatic transmission using a dipstick. At the center of the pan,
there is a filler plug (note that I didn't say "drain plug", which is on the
side of the pan). Inside the pan, surrounding the filler plug, is a tube
that is open at the top. This determines the fluid level. If the fluid is
too high, it spills over the top of the tube, out the filler plug hole and
onto your hand and arm. If the fluid level is low, you need to add fluid
through the filler plug hole until it dribbles out on your hand and arm.
Perhaps you now understand why, when you first remove the filler plug, some
fluid dribbles out - the contents of the tube which overflowed during that
hard run you made last month on the thruway entrance ramp.

Obviously, you need a fluid pump with flexible plastic tubing that will fit
inside the filler plug hole a few inches so it goes over the side of the
level tube and fills the inside of the pan with fluid. I use an inexpensive
one manufactured by CRC Industries of Warminster, PA (1-800-272-8963) called
the Sta-Lube #SL4344. It has clear plastic tubes allowing you to see fluid
going through. I purchased it from one of the national chain discount
stores or auto parts stores.

Before checking the fluid level on the 5HP30, remove the filler plug at the
bottom of the pan. Add specified fluid until it drips out of the filler
plug hole. To perform the final fluid level check on the 5HP30, the car
must be level, engine running with either the low beams or a/c on and the
transmission fluid between 20 and 30 degrees C. With foot firmly on brake
pedal, row through all the gears several times, stopping briefly at each,
then place the gear into park leaving the engine running. Remove the filler
plug at the bottom of the pan (some fluid always drips out briefly, this is
ok). Add the specified transmission fluid until it runs out of the filler
plug hole, tighten plug to 100N-m and then turn off engine. The
transmission holds 0.6 liter less when the temperature has risen to 50
degrees C.

If at any time during this fluid level check you hear a strong sucking
sound, you must stop the check and wait at least 15 minutes for the foamed
fluid to settle out. Add some fluid before performing the final fluid level
check again.
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I'm sure many E38 owners can point you to the Digest issues that had even
more comprehensive instructions.

I trust that ZF has rectified this problem by making the new six-speed

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